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What laws apply within Clermont?

All the laws of Indianapolis-Marion County also apply in Clermont. Clermont also has its own set of laws, some of which can be found on our Ordinances page.

Where is the police station?

The Clermont Police Department (9051 Crawfordsville Road) is in a green building next to the Clermont Town Hall. You may knock on the front door. If you are driving, you can park behind the station (parking is limited).

How do I know whether to call 911 or not?

Many people say things like "I didn't want to call 911" or "I didn't think it was an emergency," but oftentimes these cases truly do warrant 911 calls. Call 911 when you have a police, fire, or medical emergency; a situation that could (or does) pose a danger to life, property, or both; there is suspicious activity involving a person or vehicle that appears to or is suspected to have criminal intent; serious crimes like robbery, domestic violence, and sexual assault; and any situation that requires immediate dispatch of an officer. When in doubt, call 911 and remain calm and patient as the operator asks questions to determine whom to send.

Should I call the police to report something if I'm not sure it's an issue?

Yes, it's OK to call the police department with a question. It's better to err on the side of caution.

Who do I call if it's not an emergency?

Clermont residents and businesses should call the Clermont Police Department at 317-291-0416 for non-emergencies, like noise or parking complaints, crimes that didn't just occur and suspects aren't nearby, or questions about something suspicious but you aren't sure it's criminal.

Cars are running stop signs or speeding in my neighborhood. What can be done about this?

Please bring these issues to our attention. Our officers can spend more time on your block to keep an eye on this.

How do I get a gun permit or license?

To apply for a new license for a handgun, follow the steps listed on the Indiana State Police website. The final step in the process is to visit our department; be sure to bring (1) your handgun license application number and (2) your local fee payment.

How do I report high weeds/grass violations?

Please report these code violations to the Indianapolis Mayor's Action Center (also known as Request Indy). 

I am leaving on vacation. Can I request police patrols to check on my house while I am away?

Yes, please call the station at 317-291-0416 to let us know your situation.

I would like a police officer at my local event. Is that possible?

Our officers are asked to provide a police presence at local events from time to time. Please call the station at 317-291-0416 to discuss your situation.

Is the Clermont Police Department part of IMPD?

No. The Clermont Police Department is separate from IMPD, though our officers do respond to calls outside town limits as officers from other police departments also help us when necessary. The CPD is part of the Town of Clermont. We are proud that Clermont having its own police force is widely considered to be one of its greatest assets.

Who is in charge of the Clermont Police Department?

Day-to-day operations of the department are run by the Police Chief (Town Marshal). The Clermont Police Commissioner has oversight of the department and is a member of the Clermont Town Council who is elected by the townspeople.

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